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My Babylon Book Two

book2Tomorrow, May 14th, My Babylon – Book Two: Rose gets released on Amazon. If you’ve been waiting, you don’t have long now.

To celebrate, Book One: Body, will be FREE on Amazon on the 14th.

If you have read Book One, please, now would be the time to post a review and get more people to give it a chance.

Thank you for all you support!

Speaking of support, Do you use Goodreads? It’s another great place to leave a review. Good thing about it, you can just leave a star rating if you’re feeling lazy.

Someone gave Matchmaker two stars and it’s the only review on Goodreads. Please help change that.


I Get By With A Little Help

I hope everyone got a chance to listen to the Geeks Out After Dark podcast where we talked about Mid-World Arts. I can’t say it enough. The best thing about Mid-World for me is all the help I get from my fellow writers. Without them, my prose would be pretty woeful.

It’s strange to say that the salad days of self-publishing are over. Especially since only a small percentage of the reading population has been turned on to indie books. But gone are the days when you could slap a book up on Smashwords and expect it to sell. The bar has been raised, and continues to go higher. There’s no tolerance for crap anymore. If you put out something with spelling and grammar errors, if you have no idea how to develop characters or stories, you’re never getting out of the gate. You’ll sink into the sea of others who didn’t take the time to make it better.

That’s where Mid-World Arts comes in. It’s a guarantee for readers that the writer did go the extra mile. Did get someone, several someones, to polish their work and make it shine. It’s a guarantee that even though you’re buying an indie book at indie prices, you’re still getting professional quality.

I’d love to tell you more about why I enjoyed Steve and Dick’s books, but I gotta go write. Why not take the time to read them yourself? Many of our titles are 99 cents, and as we get off the ground, many will be offered for free on certain days. Check back here regularly to find out when.

Speaking of which, My Babylon – Book One: Body, will be free on May 14th at Amazon. Just in time for the release of Book Two: Rose.

Thanks for reading.