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Mid-World Arts Publishing Studio is that thing feared the world over by those holding power in sensitive places. It is a couple of nobodies from Naptown, fed up with the illogic, the self-aggrandizing nature, and the exclusivity of the publishing empires resplendent upon the Earth. Mid-World Arts is two schmoes with the temerity to  believe that they can do this publishing thing, that they can outsmart, out-play, out-create the gatekeepers of the industry. We have the audacity to think that, between us, we have the talent to present a compelling product to our readers, that we don’t need an overbearing, monolithic corporation to do so. It would be nice, don’t get us wrong. Even the chaos bringers among us concede that. But it isn’t necessary.

What Mid-World Arts is not is a publishing company. That is, we are no more a publishing company than any other author who recognizes the value of the new self-publishing opportunities.

We are two nuts in a sleet-driving storm of improbability, trying to light a fire around which to keep warm. Are you in the storm? Do you see the light from our fire? Come along, yell “Hail, the camp!” and huddle around the flames. We have stories to tell.


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