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New From Stephan Michael Loy: Fiona Street!


Fiona Street4aI’ve done it again. I’ve published a new book at Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. Fiona Street is a scifi action adventure story about a special operations officer for the NSA who, through the magic of advanced electronics and cutting edge neuroscience, gets mentally paired to an alley cat. The combination of exacting military skills and the predatory instincts of the cat make this petite, red-headed woman the most feared and efficient black ops agent in the world. Think Ghost in the Shell meets The Six-Million-Dollar Man, with a bit of Heinlein’s Friday mixed in. If you’re so inclined, download Fiona Street at Amazon:

or Smashwords

and don’t forget to write a review on the site you get it from. Those reviews are oxygen for us Indy writers. Without them, our stories sink into the ocean of millions of other books and never get seen. Also, remember that Amazon means Kindle, so you need a Kindle device or the Kindle app to play their stuff. At Smashwords, you can choose what format your book will be delivered in, so you can choose Kindle if that’s your thing, or ebub if you have an iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android device, laptop or desktop computer, or Windows portable device. You can also download as Word, RTF, plain text, or PDF documents. Go get Fiona Street. I think you’ll dig it.


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