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Conqueror’s Realm



I recently released another novel on Kindle, following on the heels of Shining Star and Isis Wept. This latest, Conqueror’s Realm, is a futuristic political thriller bearing on the dark underpinnings of racism in American society. Consider that, in just over forty years, the demographic makeup of the United States will change drastically and irrevocably. White people will find themselves not the masters of a continental fiefdom, but only the largest minority in that land. White people have always owned America. They took it from the Native Americans and shaped it into the world superpower and economic engine it is today. Sure, many of other ethnicities have given their part to the 500-year story, but white people have always been unquestionably in control. Nobody contributed anything in this country unless they allowed it so.

Well, things are going to change. When white people lose their majority status, when they must work and live within a true coalition of ethnicities, will they give up their power peacefully? Will they gladly allow America to fulfill its promise of “one man, one vote”, or will they fight to retain “what is theirs”? This is the question and the conflict of Conqueror’s Realm, a novel that will surely challenge the social perspectives and the political positions of its readers. I hope you like it, even if it makes you angry, or confused, or a little bit shamed. It will hopefully enlighten and entertain you also.

You can get Conqueror’s Realm at the Kindle Store. In the next few weeks, as with all my books, you will also be able to get a copy in trade paperback from, and in a beautiful hardcover edition at

Have at it. Go get your Kindle copy now, then get your hard copy to put proudly on your bookshelf. Why do either or why do both? It’s simple. I live with a sixty-pound Greyhound. She’s gotta eat, and those thirty-five-pound bags of dog food are expensive.

Buy books for your enjoyment, your edification, and so I can buy dog food. It’s how America works!

Oh, and don’t forget to go to the Kindle Store and offer up reviews of the books you liked. It helps almost as much as the contents of your wallet.

Thank you,

Stephan Michael Loy


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