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Isis Wept is Now FREE on Kindle!

FREE on Kindle!

FREE on Kindle!

Beginning today, 25 June, Isis Wept will be free for five days on Kindle. Isis is my ancient Egyptian high fantasy, stuffed to the crocodile eyeballs with magic, monsters, gods, and harried little humans. From now through Saturday, it can be had for zip, nada, zilch at the Kindle Store of So, go there. Go there right this second and get your copy. Not sure you’d like an epic story of the gods? Go to my web site to read descriptions and excerpts from Isis Wept.

After you’ve secured the precious, and after you’ve read it, return to the Kindle Store and put up a review. Lots and lots of stars would be greatly appreciated, but give what you think it deserves. That’s the real pay-out here.

Remember, you don’t have to have a Kindle device to read Kindle books. Just go to Amazon and download their free Kindle reading app for whatever device you own! You would download the book via your computer, then read it using your Kindle app.

Unless you hate quality fiction, hate fantasy fiction, hate Egyptians, or hate farmers who drink beer, you’ll love Isis Wept!

Happy reading!


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