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Two New Books Added to the Collection, and in Print, too!


I’ve been a busy boy. It’s mainly due to the advent of summer vacation. If you’ve paid attention, you know that I’m a public school art teacher, so I don’t have the time I’d like for book publishing, not from August to May, anyway. But, this isn’t August to May, is it? Consequently, I’ve more stuff out there. I re-released Harmonic RES and Last Days and Times a few weeks ago. Now I’ve put forward two more adventures.

The first is Isis Wept, a fantasy that takes place in ancient Egypt. This in itself is nothing new. There have been a number of Egyptian fantasies, though the stage is by no means crowded. We’ve seen ancient Egyptian detective stories along with stories about witches invoking the spirits of Egyptian gods and goddesses. What we haven’t seen much of, until now, is the actual gods of ancient Egypt depicted as primary characters in their own stories. That’s what happens in Isis Wept. This is the immortal tale of Isis, the goddess of love and beauty, and her husband Osiris, god of order and civilization, and how their lives are ripped asunder by their evil brother Set. Tons of magic and monsters in this character-driven novel of what it is to be man in a world commanded by forces of nature. Check it out at the Kindle Store.

Isis Wept is also available in print, for those of you who prefer the feel of a physical book in your hands. You can get the trade paperback at and the hard cover edition at

Zooming from ancient Egypt to the far-flung future, I’ve released a military-religious-scifi novel in Shining Star. This is the story of what becomes of mankind after we are forced to leave a contaminated Earth for the risky exodus to the stars. The human race is almost wiped out, held together only by the steel will of a new religion uncomfortably like the Catholic church. This is the church in the Middle Ages, at the time of the Reformation, but transmuted into a futuristic star-spanning society. The Community of God, as it calls itself, is directly responsible for the survival of the human species. This is inarguable, but that survival is facilitated by a totalitarian theocracy that brooks no dissidence. Heretics and “schisoids” are staked and burned, or worse. The population is kept under control by armored soldiers who show no mercy. The army is itself monitored by terrifying, deadly, nearly invincible “inquisitors” who serve only the all-powerful Reverend Mother. In Shining Star, one of Community’s soldiers discovers a lost relative among the inquisitors. This inquisitor was sent to obliterate a cell of heretic monks, but instead joined their cause to re-establish the dominant religion of man before it was subverted by Community for the purposes of maintaining power. The soldier, the inquisitor, and several monks embark on a quest to find the truth of mankind’s past, trying to avoid the theocratic engine of murder that pursues them.

Shining Star is available at the Kindle Store and will soon be available in print. I’ll keep you informed.

And that’s not all, folks. I have even more in the works, starting with a scifi political thriller that I hope to release to Kindle hopefully in July.

So, yes, I’ve been a busy boy. I need to get busier still. I hope this gives you plenty to read and enjoy over this early part of summer.

Take care, keep reading, and I’ll talk to you next time I have news.


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