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Last Days and Harmonic RES Hit In-the-Park Home Runs on Kindle!


Just yesterday, I asked readers here, fellow writers, and audiences in other venues to come out in support of my two Kindle books Last Days and Times and Harmonic RES. Both are currently listed as free on the Amazon Kindle Store, Last Days through Saturday and Harmonic RES through tomorrow, Thursday. I asked everyone to go out and download the books. You get something good to read for free, and I get the downloads, thus allowing my work to climb the all-important rankings lists at Amazon. The more downloads I get (and high star ratings and reviews), the more visible my work is to paying customers.

Well, you guys came through. As of right now, Harmonic RES, my short fiction collection, is ranked at No. 4 out of the Best 100 in its category of science fiction anthologies. It’s also ranked No. 78 in free science fiction overall. Though down a bit from this morning (it had gotten as high as No. 3 in anthologies and 73 in scifi overall), those are still stellar rankings.

Last Days and Times is my contemporary fantasy, loaded to the rafters with seers, immortal monsters, religious fanatics, and nuclear terrorism. In the more competitive occult horror category, it has climbed its way to No. 16 of the Top 100.

Thank you with all my heart.

Not done, though. We can do better. If there are any among you who have not yet downloaded either of my books, please do so now. With your help, both works can be boosted to even higher rankings. We should be able to own Harmonic RES’s category. We just have to raise it three notches. And it would be great to get Last Days in the top ten.

Here is the link for Last Days and Times:

Here is the link for Harmonic RES:

I would appreciate as many people downloading these books as possible. When it comes down to the purpose here, raising the books’ visibility on the Kindle Store, the proposition is simple. Download the books, both of them. You don’t even have to read them. You could delete them the second they’re delivered to your device. I’d rather you didn’t do that, of course. I’d much rather you read them, even offer a review and star rating for each on the Kindle Store when you’re done, but the bare facts are that, for now anyway, all you have to do is click that ‘Buy Now” button. A small action but with huge potential, helping out a brother as I would help you in reversed circumstances.

Again, thanks.



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