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The End is not Nigh!


Today is the 27th of December. The world did not end on December 21st. The Antichrist did not rise (that we know of), no planetoids slammed into Earth, no magnetic poles flip-flopped, and no aliens invaded (again, that we know of). We’re all still here. You might have noticed.

What you might not be privy to is the reason we’re all still here. The parties responsible aren’t exactly glory hounds. They aren’t about to stand in front of a news camera and bray, or write a letter to the editor, or star in a reality TV show. They saved us all, but they’re more than a little secretive about it. And they should be, as their activities weren’t, and never are, exactly legal.

Let’s put it this way. You heard about that mess on Lake Michigan, right? You know, that ferry sinking and the police grousing about all those merry-makers in their boats, who may have contributed to the accident? Who goes out on Lake Michigan in the winter, anyway? You’d have to be nuts. Waves can crash against that shore and spray thirty feet high, and if there’s ice, well, you can kiss a small boat goodbye. Anyway, you probably heard about the accident. What you didn’t hear was that it wasn’t any accident.

Well, maybe. Sorta. In the category of accidents while you’re playing with guns.

Most of you will be satisfied with the police and Coast Guard explanation. Personally, I don’t see how anybody could buy that fireworks… Well, never mind. People often blindly believe the spin-doctoring of authority figures. But for you more discerning and perceptive citizens, there is a way to the hidden truth. Read Last Days and Times. This book lays out the whole truth of the Lake Michigan Incident and everything that led up to it. I was able to write such an in-depth analysis not because I am particularly privileged or brilliant in any way, but because I was lucky. I live in Indianapolis, where it all started, and I’m buds with some of the primaries involved. What happened happened. It was bloody, frightening, and I didn’t think I’d survive it. But I did.

I did, but many did not. So, for all those who fell victim to the horror, especially for those on the Canal Walk, I felt compelled to write and publish their story. Let them never be forgotten, which is why their story, the story of how we almost went over the cliff of human extinction, costs only $1.99 in ebook at Kindle, only $2.99 at Smashwords for everything that isn’t Kindle ( and for Kindle, too, for that matter), and only $13.29 at lulu for the trade paperback.

If you are at all conscientious about the world, read this historical account of a shadow watershed event in human cruelty and heroism. You need to. After all, the barely-averted threat was turned away, not defeated. It’s still out there.

The only defense against it is vigilance.


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